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*12 POINTS*, part 3: Rookie Rochelle from the New Rochelles / the Young Rochelles

Ok, ho fatto la mia terza intervista della serie 12 POINTS. Lui c'ha messo pochissimo a rispondere (tipo un'ora dopo m'aveva già mandato tutto, non come Ippo che deve ancora mandarmi tutto l'ambaradamn dopo mille secoli!)... Comunque, New Rochelles e Young Rochelles, voto 10+++. video sotto l'intervista, bandcamps qui:

These guys are my biggest surprise in punk rock this year! I got their 7” from It's Alive Records distro, only after having their split-7'' with Dee Cracks, and what a surprise! First of all, the 7'' had a download code for the entire album (12 songs), and it is great! Cool songs, cool melodies, honest punk rock! So I'm happy to make my 12 points to the New Rochelles!

1. Soooo... just for starting: tell me, how/when/why did you start the New Rochelles? Were you friends in high school or at elementary school? Tell me about your punk rock career.
The New Rochelles started in 2001, but not much started happening until about 2011. We all grew up in the same town, and shared the same love of The Ramones so it all just made sense. We all have played in various bands over the years but the Rochelle name has always been a focus for us.
2. You are americans and you know, we love american music. We have grown up with american music, american tv shows, and a lot of other small and big stuffs that come from the US. What is the thing that you like the most about your Country? And the one that you hate the most?
The best things about America is the baseball, the pizza and Budweiser. I don’t have too many complaints about living here in the states. The bands are good and all the great European bands typically come over and play too.
3. The New Rochelles and the Young Rochelles are not the same band. I'm realizing it only right now. Tell me the story behind this.
Correct. The New Rochelles and The Young Rochelles are two very different bands but are all part of the same family. The New Rochelles are myself on bass, Ronnie Rochelle on vocals and guitar and Ricky Rochelle on drums and backing vocals. There was a time where the New Rochelles were unable to really play shows etc. so Ricky and I started the Young Rochelles with Ricky playing drums and singing, me on bass and Ray Jay Rochelle playing guitar and doing backing vocals. Now there is a lot of material coming out from each band in the upcoming months.
4. Besides of punk rock.. are there any genres or artists that you like? Would you like to recommend me anything?
5. What is the best band that you ever shared the stage with? I mean, the one that you enjoyed the most.
Some of the best bands The New Rochelles have played with over the years have been Kepi Ghoulie, The Mean Jeans, The Kurt Baker Band and many others I can’t think of right now.
6. Do you like sports? What is your favourite sport and what is your favourite team? And the one that you hate the most? You should come to Italy and I would take you to the stadium to see some euro-football, the greatest sport!
We are all huge baseball fans. Ricky and Ronnie are huge New York Mets fans while I am a Philadelphia Phillies fan, which causes some interesting friction. I am also a big hockey guy. The New York Rangers are my team. The one sports team I hate the most are The Boston Red Sox. We don’t know much about your euro-football stuff.
7. Ok, let's pretend this. A girl fell in love with you after seeing you playing with the New Rochelles, and she's asking you a date. You say ok, but you have to decide where to take her. What will you decide? (no punk rock shows, please, pick something else!)
We don’t need to pretend. We’ll go grab a slice… or two.
8. What/where was the worst toilet where you ever took a shit on tour? And, if it wasn't during in tour... what was the worst place where you had to shit?
Worst tour shit I ever took happened last summer while I was playing guitar on tour for The Isotopes from Canada. We were about a week or two into tour when we got to Detroit. We hadn’t really been eating real food (typical tour diet) but on this night we decided to go all out and treat ourselves to some high-end barbeque. This did not sit well. Immediately after our set things needed to be done and there was no time to find a comfortable spot to take care of business so I had to resort to the bathroom in the punk bar. This bathroom was about the size of a litter box and probably hadn’t been cleaned in a month. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. Luckily I always travel with baby wipes. I made three trips to that bathroom that night.
9. So far... do you think that you have spent more money in beers or in records? What is your favourite beer?
I’ve probably spent more money on records recently. Ricky and Ronnie on the other hand is all beer. Budweiser.
10. What are your favourite film genres? Mine are horror and porn, of course. Favourite movies? Recommend me 5!
I mostly watch horror or comedy movies. 5 of my favorite movies in no particular order are Rock N Roll High School, Dirty Work, Walk Hard, The Comedy and The Royal Tennenbaums.
11. What is the last album the you got? Recommend me 5 bands/records!
I recently got the new Murderburgers album on Asian Man Records which has been in heavy rotation ever since. A few other records I’ve gotten recently that I’ve really been digging are; School Damage “Get Weird”, CJ Ramone “Reconquista”, Dan Vapid & The Cheats “Two” & Lipstick Homicide “Out Utero”.
12. Do you have plans for the future? New songs, new records, european tour? I mean, what do you do for a living? Do you have time to spend playing around?
There have been some tour talks, including maybe sometime in Europe. The New Rochelles have two records out now; our debut 7inch “It’s New” and a split 7inch with DeeCracks from Austria called “Smile Of The Tiger”. We also have a split 7inch with Windowsill from The Netherlands and our complete discography coming out in the upcoming months.
The Young Rochelles have our debut 7inch “Cannibal Island” coming out next month. We’ve recently participated in a Methadones tribute comp that is out now and will have a song on the upcoming Parasites tribute album. The Young Rochelles are also currently in the studio completing our version of The Ramones’ “Animal Boy” which will be out sometime next year.
We all have real job type jobs and I also tour with The Isotopes, but we’ll see what else happens for The Rochelle family in the upcoming year, only good things to come so stay tuned.

Thanks a lot to the New Rochelles for this "super interesting" talk! ;)
Yeah! No problem, anytime.

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