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*12 POINTS*, part 2: Angi+Mikey from the Spastic Hearts.

In attesa di essere di nuovo in ferie per finire il mio tour report... dopo un mese di attesa, ecco che mi sono arrivate indietro le mie domande per la serie *12 POINTS* a Angi e Mikey (moglie e marito, basso e chitarra) degli Spastic Hearts (power pop / pop punk da Youngstown, Ohio). Copio-incollo qui sotto.

I'm so happy to make my “12 points” to one of the pop punkest couples ever! Their band toured Europe with Teenage Bubblegums this spring, and here I am, writing my silly questions to Angi and Mikey from the Spastic Hearts.

  1. When/Why/How/Where did you guys started to play? I know you were in some bands... did you already play together before? In that case, do you have any link where we can download some songs?
ANGI: Well, When Mikey and I first met, we had already played music, but not yet together. When we moved to Florida, we crashed a party that was going on in our apartment complex that we could see from our balcony. We headed on over to hang out, and one of the girls there was wearing a pin that was from a band that Mikey had played in before we met, and she was like, whoa, you must know my boyfriend Matty (Matty Rockville)! So Mikey, me, and Matty were like, hey lets start a band! So we called ourselves Creepshow (named after a creepy guy was walking around our hotel in Miami), and began playing shows in Orlando. Wed did a small tour where ever our little pontiac sunfire would make it to while meeting tons of friendly folk along the way. Matty ended up graduating pretty quickly, and moved back up to his home town in Baltimore. Mikey met Kristian at School where he and Matty went to, and shortly we began the Hi-Life. It was totally stellar! We went on tour with the Apers, and J3 in 2006, then just us and the Apers in 2007 to try and get our music out there. After that, Mikey and I finished school and headed to Ohio, then started the Spastic Hearts! We really enjoy playing together, and want to definitely continue to do so as long as we can. We currently have a full length out now with the Spastic Hearts, and are working toward releasing another full length in 2014 with also some other projects coming out too.

MIKEY: I first cut my teeth in the rock n roll world playing in a band called The Reynolds. That is where Mikey Reynolds was born. Life eventually brought Angi and I together and we made our way down South to sunny Florida and began an adventure. Our first band together started in our apartment writing music and getting yelled at for playing music too loud. Overall we had two separate line-ups of this group. The first line-up was me on drums, Angi on bass, and Matty Rockville on lead gtr/vox…we were known as Creepshow. The second line-up of this band was me on drums, Angi on bass and Kristian Panther-Camp on guitar…we were known as The Hi-Life. Many beers later (2010) Angi and I moved back to Ohio and began playing some tunes with Jay. After a while of just writing we began to seriously work on putting The Spastic Hearts together and brought Casey in to the mix.

    2. You play with Jay and Casey (ex-Johnie 3) and they played two times in my city, years ago: did they tell you anything about Genova before the show? Did you enjoy the city? I'm home alone at the end of August, so if you want to come...

    ANGI: Genova was so great!! I never had kabobs before, and I believe that night I may have had like three of them. The city is so beautiful in the architecture, the narrow walkways through the city, and culture surrounding it, that we will definitely want to visit again!

    MIKEY: I heard we were going to have a great show, the city was bad ass, and great people were going to be at the show……this was almost entirely true, however our sound man at the club turned out to be an asshole, but our boy John set his ass straight!

    3. Why did you decide to wear those “classy clothes” during the shows?

    ANGI: Just trying something new, and dressing up seems to be appropriate.

    MIKEY: Just giving the world what it needs!

    4. What is the best band you ever shared the stage with? Tell me the one you enjoyed the most.

    ANGI: In the Hi-Life we shared the stage with the Apers for an entire month, and that was amazing!! I can't get enough of their songs. Playing music with your friends, being creative, and keeping the magic happening is what its all about.

    MIKEY: Theres too many to keep track of, but my top five would have to be The Huntingtons, The Apers, LARF, The Attack, and The Leftovers.

    5. Tell me about your first date! Angi, where did Mikey take you to? To a baseball game?!?

    ANGI: Baseball IS our favorite! You know us so well! We met when we both worked at the Outback Steakhouse, and just knew that we had a connection. The first date? Mikey says Denny's. I had moons over my hammy, and Mikey had buffalo chicken strips.

    MIKEY: I think it was at Denny's, but if that didn't count yet then probably the Draught House (used to be a great Youngstown bar).

    6. What was the worst show that you guys ever played? What happpened?

    ANGI: Nothing is really sticking out as a bad show. Every show I think is great opportunity to rock for those who came out to see you!

    MIKEY: Everyday is a rock n' roll day, just gotta roll with the punches!

    7. What was the best place where you ever had a meal on tour (or just for a show)? What did you eat?

    ANGI: The first day we landed in Italy. We met the Teenage Bubblegums, and their parents had cooked for us this amazing homemade ravioli, strawberry dessert, bread, cheese, and wine. It was so good, that I sometimes have dreams of it.

    MIKEY: This is another toughie. The Bubblegum dinner was great…The kabab/pizza in Imperia was classic…Deep dish in Chicago is awesome too….but i think my top favorite has to go to this Deli in Philly, nothing special, but just right everytime!

    8. What was the worst place where you had to shit on tour?

    ANGI: lol. Oh goodness. Well maybe not on tour, but while in Florida I went to use a gas station bathroom, and was waiting forever in this line right. When the guy in there finally came out, he was dripping diarrhea out the door! It was pretty gross, and all of us in line looked a bit frightened and pale. One person went in the bathroom, then right back out. I took a peek inside, and by golly that guy must have really exploded! I didn't use it, but the hurricane weather outside really made me have to pee even worse. I made it home though.

    MIKEY: The airport at Bologna! First off, the place is filled with Lambo's, but there was like only one toilette in the entire place. Once i found it, I almost wished i didn't find it!

    9. When you guys are at home and you decide to stay home because it's cold outside and rainy and cold... and you want to see a movie, usually what genre do you prefer? Tell me some movies that you like. I like horror or thrilling stuffs!

    ANGI: We like a lot of movies, mostly comedies, and thrillers. Event Horizon is a pretty scary one for me, its out in space, and that alone is pretty scary. Space. Its frightening! Zoolander is another one we can't get enough of. Cracks me up every time.

    MIKEY: I am a comedy junkie! Fletch, Caddyshack, and Groundhog Day top my list…..but don't get me wrong, I love mostly all Stallone movies, Point Break, Top Gun and Days of Thunder as well. Now that Netflix exists, it's a miracle I ever get anything done!!!

    10. What do you think about Ben Weasel? I mean, I don't know him, but I can comment his “character”, and I think he looks too arrogant, too much for me. What do you think?

    ANGI: His music is great!! I remember one time I gave him a high five once at Insubordination Fest 2007, because we were both running up to Dario from the Retarded to say how great he played!

    MIKEY: I think he's a marketing genius. Screeching Weasel sells out every show they play these days!!

    11. Reccomend me 5 bands that you really like lately!

    ANGI: hmmm. Well, lets see…. There is the Riff Randells I like a lot. I wish I could have seen them live, but never got to. Hoping for a tour one day. Crossing fingers! :) Huntingtons of course! The Teen Idols I can never get enough of. Ramones, Riverdales, and I LOVE listening to Mikey play tunes that he's written. He's just so dreamy!

    MIKEY: Always at the top of my rotation is The Spazzy's, those aussies know how to rock! Lately the Riff Randells have been getting a lot of playing time as well. Rounding out the back end of my rotation would be a mix of The Windowsill, The Huntingtons, and The Biters. (This doesn't include the classics b/c that's too much to think of)

    12. Do you guys have some plans for the future with the Spastic Hearts? Italy again soon?

    ANGI: We would love to tour Italy again! We had such an amazing time, with Bubblegums, and everyone we met! So glad that we had the opportunity to do something that soon, in a new band. The future is looking bright, and we have a lot coming out in the next year. Possibly 3 splits with dope bands, AND a full length!

    MIKEY: Plans definitely include recording more music and playing more shows! It would be great to come back through and play Italy!!! some of the best shows I've EVER played. I'd also like to play Japan, and Australia at sometime too.

Thanks a lot to Angi and Mikey from the Spastic Hearts for this silly interview. We all hope to see them again soon.

Hope to see you again soon too!! Cheers!! xoxoxo

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